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Why should you not put a new roof on?

Oct 6

You can inspect your roof periodically to check for missing shingles or bent panels, but you shouldn't attempt to repair or replace your roof even if you have done roofing projects before. Here are five reasons to leave roofing work to professionals.

1. You can be seriously injured.

Roofing accidents can injure even professional roofers and construction workers. A third of fatal accidents on construction sites are caused by falling from a roof. It is not a good idea to risk getting hurt when installing your roof.

2. Your insurance may not cover it.

To file roofing repair or replacement claims, you must provide cost estimates from a professional roofing contractor to your insurance company. Your insurance company won't likely pay you for repairs or complete roof replacements you make on your own unless you are a licensed roofing contractor. You can choose a roofing contractor of Woodbridge Roofing Company for your roof repairs or replacement. 

Additionally, you can obtain as many estimates as necessary to submit to your insurance company. To do any roof work on your house, ensure the roofer you choose has insurance and is licensed and bonded in your area.


Although your roof installation will indeed be cheaper at the beginning (after all, you don't need to pay contractors, and you won't have to pay markups for materials used in construction), DIY repairs can also prove to be very expensive. 

You must give up work and other essential activities to fix your roof. This is called an opportunity cost, or the value of something you don't do. You will need to hire family members or friends to help you complete your roof in a shorter time frame. You may end up paying more for materials than you should, which can lead to financial problems. 

Having too many people involved in your roofing project will make mistakes more likely to occur, which can result in higher costs. If you are unsure if DIY roof repairs are worth the effort, you can add up the costs of materials and labor and the cost of hiring helpers at minimum wage. Compare your final roofing estimate with professional roofing. You will see that it is not as financially rewarding as you think.


Roofers who are professionals often offer a warranty covering their work for a specified number of years. Your roof installation is done by you and does not carry any warranty. If your roof leaks or suffers any other damage from human error, you will be responsible for paying the repair costs (likely from an expert roofer) if you were the one doing the work.

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